Heritage Marketing Alliance

Heritage Marketing offers full spectrum marketing, advertising and public relations services designed to help small businesses and non-profits successfully broadcast their message, brand and products on multiple channels.

The ideal HMA client is a local, small business entrepreneur without a full-time marketing staff or a growing non-profit.  HMA provides services at reasonable costs affordable to any owner or director. The investment is small, but the rewards are big.  

Clients receive personal and responsive service when they need it most.  It’s like adding an expert to your staff team. You don’t have to wait days for a design change.  You can get answers after work hours and on weekends.  

Best of all?  You get the owner–every time.

Integrated Design, Communications, Web and PR Solutions


  • Marketing Plans
  • Brand Strategy
  • Market Research & Surveys
  • Loyalty Rewards Programs
  • Strategic Communications

Public Relations

  • Community Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Conference Reports
  • Corporate Research
  • Publicity


  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Blog Design
  • New Media
  • SEO Plans


  • Graphic Design
  • Business Cards
  • Logos/Taglines
  • Print Media
  • Publications
  • Magazines

Get to Know Bevin

“I bring a new perspective so small businesses can build their customer base and sales.”

As the daughter of a small town shop owner, I learned firsthand how hard it is for small businesses to compete with the big boy companies. Watching my dad struggle to stay competitive instilled in me a lasting commitment to entrepreneurs and their long hours of hard work.  Now, this heritage inspires me to help small businesses and non-profits prosper in a corporate world. I provide integrated communications, marketing, design, web and public relations solutions at little guy prices.

My philosophy is to help sustain business growth at the hometown level. I believe that together our partnership will create a proud business heritage in your community.

For the last twenty years, I have worked in the communications industry. For the last five years, I have successfully worked side-by-side with small business owners to promote their services and products. I bring a new perspective to small businesses in any area by incorporating technology, relationship management and savvy marketing strategies to build their customer base and sales.

I’m a Southerner by birth, but the Army life is always opening new doors of opportunity for my family.  We are currently settled in the Northern Virginia area, but I serve clients in four states and overseas. Your organization is not too far away to benefit from calling or emailing me today to get started.

 My choice is to invest my time and talents in the small businesses that make communities around the country a place to call home.  Join me in the mission of making your community a great place to live—where citizens have a choice to do business with their neighbors and their friends.

Bevin Landrum, President & Founder

Let me write the success story for your business!

Looking to increase your company’s visibility? Contact me today to put my team to work for you.

The First Step to Big Rewards

The road to a concise and professional marketing strategy for your company begins with a vision meeting with Bevin.  You and your key personnel will sit down to assess your current marketing efforts, gaps in service and goals for business growth.  This strategy session is complimentary up to two hours and is a vital part of the relationship we have with our clients. 

Dreams and goals are the beginning of success.  Together we will focus on which part of the marketing mix is most critical to your business model: product, production, distribution and price.  When we find the right balance we will be able to chart the steps to success for your unique position in the local market.

This part of the process includes a mission statement, goals, corporate vision and overall marketing strategy.  The end result is a flexible and responsive marketing strategy that works for you.

Small business owners can’t be experts at everything.  Call me to schedule an appointment for your visioning session.  I’ll handle this part of your business so you can juggle the many other specialty hats you wear: operations, logistics, finance, human resources, and physical property management.  It’s a win-win!